About our factory

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Rugs live through design. The material used plays more than a small part and the range of materials on offer is
quite extensive. Dyeing, bobbing winding, weaving, after treatment, finishing and packing are all done in-house.

Machine-Made Rugs          Technology in a creative environment
Offering quality rugs calls for permanent creative and technical efforts. The continual testing of potential new combinations of machinery, weaves, and yarns gives the technology a creative dimension resulting in an up-to-date product range.

Wool : The wool grades which make up our rug collections are all manufactured from New Zealand wool which have
an excellent resistance to light, wear and tear, and are completely mothproof.

Synthetic : Using special yarns, a polypropylene continuous thread which is fixed at high temperature produces
a durable high quality rug.

The rug production facilities
- with extremely up-to-date machinery securing a high annual capacity
- A wholly vertically integrated plant boats yarn preparation facilities- air entangling, heatset installations - a printing line, a continuous dyeing line
- A state-of-the-art production process with so many tufting machines and a spinning mill with a high capacity

Hand-Knotted Rugs      Quality control from start to finish
These rugs are woven by hand from all over the world, in both traditional and contemporary designs and up to very large and unusual sizes. The materials used include cotton, wool, and silk using only natural vegetable dyes.

Our centres of activity
We have factories in Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and have on going projects in China, India and Nepal. A huge stock of Persian, Chinese, Indian, Afghan and Turkish... rugs to name but a few. These include beautiful tribal and village weavings.

Customised designs
Our rug ranges reflects the various trends in interior decoration both in UK and abroad, each demanding a different aesthetic and practical approach. Our in house design team is constantly implementing these.

Custom made

It is possible for you to have your own rug individually designed and made to your own specifications. These
rugs are manufactured in China, India, Nepal, Persia, Afghanistan and Pakistan - Please see our Custom Made