Clearing Overstocked, Discountinued and Job Lots packages to Trdae and Public
A continues change in interior design and decoration, where trends in colour are particularly important, forces us to constantly make rooms for new ranges. This results in clearing previous ranges at a very good price for our customers, saving up to 50% of the original prices.

Bargain Warehouse

We have a clearance warehouse full of "goodies" for your inspection, where you will find some unusual rugs in different sizes, colours, design and qualities.

Make us an offer policy

On some of the rugs you can make us an offer. If it is a reasonable offer, we accept it. This way, you as a customer save some money and we as a company not only get our capital back but also make more space for our future range developments.
We hope by introduction of this policy, both our customers and our company benefit under present economical climate.

2nds and other people's rugs

Sometimes We have some lightly off colour or a slightly transport damaged rugs which can be sold at a very good prices as well.

We also sell rugs on behalf of our customers, whether new or used. We tell you how much our customers want for their rugs and you save some money that way as well.

If you are looking for rugs for rented accommodation, come along and see our clearances where you can always pick up some nice pieces at very keen prices.